Nevada Bighorns Unlimited Enhancing Wildlife License Plate

Support Nevada Wildlife

Support Nevada Wildlife

With a Nevada Bighorns Unlimited “Enhancing Wildlife” License Plate

NBU’s mission is to promote and enhance increasing populations of wildlife in Nevada, to fund programs for wildlife movement and habitat improvements, and to protect the heritage of sportsmen and hunters.

NBU enhances wildlife in Nevada with various efforts all year long, including:

  • Installation and maintenance of water guzzlers for all wildlife in Nevada
  • Reseeding habitats after fires
  • Wildlife-supporting legislative efforts
  • Educational programs and scholarships for Nevada’s youth


You can help NBU increase and enhance wildlife in Nevada by purchasing one of their specialty license plates through the Nevada DMV. No need to spend hours standing in line, you can make a DMV appointment online today!

$50 Scheel’s Gift Card

Get a $50 Scheel’s Gift Card when you buy NBU plates!

*DMV specialty plate fees are only $62 for the first year and $30 every year after. Send your proof of registration to, and you will be mailed a $50 gift card from Scheels! Also provide your mailing address and a copy of the payment for the plate. Proof can also be mailed to:

P.O. Box 21393
Reno, Nevada 89515-1393