2018 Project #1:


Saturday, March 3rd

SATURDAY, MARCH 3rd – Sand Springs Guzzler Rebuild
Due to high water events during the summer of 2017, the existing Sand Springs Guzzler Development was significantly damaged. Sections of fence were severely bent or washed down the canyon. Tanks and drinkers were filled with mud and debris and the ground under and around the tanks and drinkers was eroded away and left unstable. Currently, the site functioning minimally but work is needed to restore the development back to full capacity.

This project will involve removal and replacement of the damaged tanks, drinkers, and fencing with upgraded materials as well as a construction of a water diversion ditch that will be lined with rock boulders to prevent damage from future high water events. Rebuilding this site is a high priority for the 2018 season due to its importance as a water source for many bighorn sheep in the Sand Springs area.

All major turns will be marked with surveyors tape and/or lathe starting from the turn off at Hwy 50 and SR 839 (Scheelite Mine Road) also known as the Rawhide turn-off.  Access to the guzzler site can be done with either ATV/UTV or 4×4 vehicles.  There will be very limited parking and people will most likely will need to be shuttled  ¼ mile to the site.  The camp site is located is 2.12 miles away on SR 839 (Gravel Pit) and will accommodate travel trailers and the road is paved to the camp site.  There will be people camping both Friday and Saturday nights and NBU will provide lunch (Port of Subs sandwich with chips and a drink) and dinner (New York Steak, beans, salad, and French bread) on Saturday.  NBU will provide all necessary tools required for the project and ask that you please bring your work gloves.  We will all meet Saturday morning (7:00 AM) at the camp site for a safety briefing, Q & A session, and to fill out any paper work that NDOW requires.

Please RSVP as early as possible so we can get an accurate head count for lunch and dinner.

Thank you for your support and hope to see you out there!


Matt Sweitzer
Project Director

Pat Reichman
Project Director

Rocky Hall
Project Director