Sportsmen working for the future of Nevada’s wildlife
After the almost total extinction of bighorn sheep in the state (once our most numerous big game animal), NBU has been instrumental in the reintroduction of all three species of bighorn into more than 60 mountain ranges throughout Nevada.



Fellow NBU Volunteers,

NBU’s Board of Directors is finalizing the 2015 Guzzler/Water Development project schedule. Below are tentative dates of some of projects we intend on completing this year, none of which are possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. Additional information/updates will be forthcoming and posted on our Calendar page.

* February 21, 2015 – Virginia Range Spring Development
* March 14, 2015 – Candalaria/Eastside Hills Guzzler Build
* April 4, 2015 – Ryolite/Gabbs Valley Guzzler Build
* April 25, 2015 – Wildhorse/Defender/Paiute Guzzler Build
* May 16, 2015 – Cherry Mountain Guzzler Build (double build)

NBU’s Board of Directors


November 19, 2014
Hello To All,

If NBU has a slow season, it is the Autumn months. We’re not in pre- or post-banquet mode, guzzler season is still a couple of months away, and we’re waiting to help NDOW trap and transplant sheep. This usually works out pretty well since many of our volunteers and directors enjoy being out in the boonies during Fall anyway.

This year is particularly quiet for us, as NDOW has largely put the brakes on 2014 transplant efforts. They continue to try to get their hands and minds around the risk of connectivity between Nevada’s various sheep herds and the mountain ranges they call home. What this means for NBU is that we’re on standby, assisting only with efforts to trap, evaluate, collar and re-release sheep in areas where NDOW seeks more data. While this relative inactivity feels weird to some of us NBU veterans, we’re as interested in the scientific findings as anyone, and the plain facts are that we will not be transplanting sheep anywhere in Nevada until NDOW feels it’s prudent.

You transplant junkies can take heart in the news that over 70 Desert Bighorns were successfully trapped in the Muddy Mountains and transplanted out of state in recent weeks. We also have our fingers crossed that a small-ish translocation of California Bighorns will take place in Northern Nevada before year’s end. Stay tuned for details on that.

In the meantime, we look forward to building water developments in a few months, and are focused on lower-profile issues such as legislation, sportsmen’s rights, and control of wild/feral horses. Many of us would love to see progress during the upcoming legislative session on an amendment to Nevada’s Constitution, guaranteeing the right of Nevadans to hunt, fish, and trap. If you know anything about how this works, you know that it’s a long, painstakingly slow road. We’re willing to invest our time and your money toward this effort, but we’ll all need to be patient and keep our eye on the long game.

Speaking of sportsmen’s rights, it’s no secret that we have fewer now than we ever have. The percentage of the population that hunts, traps, or fishes is shrinking, meaning it can be difficult to defend ourselves against an “uninformed majority”. This is particularly true in the political arena, where well-organized, well-funded, and persistent anti-‘s thrive. Those who claim to be society’s most tolerant souls seem unable to tolerate people recreating differently than themselves, and the result is that sportsmen are constantly on the defense. NBU hopes to team up with other conservation organizations in the coming months to try turning the tide on this trend. I’ll keep you informed of our progress, and of ways in which you might help.

That’s about it for now, except that tickets for our April 10 banquet are available for sale. To purchase tables or individual tickets, contact any NBU Director you know or visit our Shop NBU page to purchase online. (Early ticket buyers will be entered to win a pair of Leica Ultravid HD binoculars.) We fully expect another sellout as we host another great evening in the name of wildlife.

Also, please check the most recent issue of NBU Journal and monitor our Calendar webpage for volunteer opportunities. We’re planning some work at the Maison T Ortiz Youth Outdoor Skills Camp in the near future, and we’ll be organizing multiple volunteer efforts in January.

Until next time, thanks for your continued support.

Jeff Turnipseed
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited


For more information about the 2015 Banquet please visit the Banquet page or Click Here

2015 NBU Banquet Dinner









Northern Nevada Chapter of SCI is holding its chapter banquet on March 20, 2015.  Please considering attending this event to help raise money for wildlife conservation. Click here for more information.


The NV Legislature is considering legislation that would place NDOW under the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Please click here for more information regarding this measure provided by the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife.

The Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife has drafted an informative white paper regarding a proposal being considered by the Legislature that would transfer certain public lands to state control. Click here for more information.

NBU has been asked its position regarding the upcoming ewe hunts recommended by NDOW.  Click here for NBU’s position statement.


Please visit our ‘SHOP NBU’ page to purchase tickets for our April 10, 2015 banquet.


NBU has joined forces with Nevada Association of Counties, becoming a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Interior and the BLM.  The intent of the lawsuit is to force the BLM to follow federal law regarding management of wild and feral horses on public land.  NBU continues to support multiple uses on public lands, including an appropriate, sustainable horse population that is detrimental to neither the range nor the horses themselves.

Sportsmen working for the future of Nevada's wildlife

Nevada Bighorns Unlimited (NBU) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) grass roots sportsmen’s conservation organization with over 3,500 members throughout Nevada, the western United States and North America.   The mission of the organization is to protect and enhance Nevada’s wildlife resources for sportsmen, outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts for this and future generations.  NBU volunteers do this through the reintroduction of big game, habitat conservation and improvement, public education and participation, biological and scientific research, and the influence of public policy.  NBU has raised millions of dollars and logged thousands of volunteer hours in support of Nevada’s wildlife.



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