Sportsmen working for the future of Nevada’s wildlife
After the almost total extinction of bighorn sheep in the state (once our most numerous big game animal), NBU has been instrumental in the reintroduction of all three species of bighorn into more than 60 mountain ranges throughout Nevada.



Fellow NBU Volunteers,

NBU’s Board of Directors is finalizing the 2015 Guzzler/Water Development project schedule. Below are tentative dates of some of projects we intend on completing this year, none of which are possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. Additional information/updates will be forthcoming and posted on our Calendar page.

* February 21, 2015 – Virginia Range Spring Development
* March 14, 2015 – Candalaria/Eastside Hills Guzzler Build
* April 4, 2015 – Ryolite/Gabbs Valley Guzzler Build (For project details, click here.  For maps and directions to the project location, click here.)
* April 25, 2015 – Mineral County Guzzler Maintenance Projects (For project details, click here). (Maps: Gabbs WildhorseGabbs Table Mtn.Excelsior Silver Dyke)
* May 16, 2015 – Cherry Mountain Guzzler Build (double build)

NBU’s Board of Directors


November 19, 2014
Hello, Everyone.

Hello, Everyone.I don’t know what your Winter/Spring is like, but for NBU’s Board of Directors these few months are our busiest time of year. Every January thru March our banquet planning effort is in full swing, and those same months include both planning and construction of water developments. To top things off, Nevada’s Legislature happens to be in session this year and we’re always involved with wildlife-related issues there.Regarding our April 10 fundraising banquet, we’re very close to ‘sold out’ as I’m writing this, and we’ll likely be 100% sold out by the time you read this. Check to see if some individual tickets are still on sale. If you’ve been to our banquet before, you realize the planning effort that goes into it. Tom Fennell and Dan Warren are pulling together the final items for our live auction, which should be great again this year. Brian Pansky is heading up our Silent Auction and would welcome any sponsorships or donations you or your company can provide him. Steve Field already has his hands on the 130-plus guns we’ll be giving away to some lucky raffle-buyers. Finally, Tom Pellett is once again heading up the famous taxidermy ‘Wall of Heads.’ If you’ve got a trophy you’d like to see displayed at our banquet, please contact him (or any NBU director) so that we can make it happen.2015’s water development season is shaping up to be another good one. We’ll generally be on a 3-week rotation this year, with a February 21 spring development in the Virginia range kicking things off. Following that will be a March 14 guzzler near Candelaria/East Side Hills, an April 4 guzzler in Gabbs Valley, another guzzler on April 25, and two guzzlers on May 16. We’ll also be involved with a couple of habitat-related fencing projects. You can find more information on these at our website and on our Facebook page. We’ll also be emailing updates to our Volunteer List throughout the Spring. If you’re not receiving these emails and would like to, please contact us at, or 775-323-1177, or contact any of the director emails listed on the CONTACT page of our website.I mentioned above the fact that 2015 is a year for Nevada’s legislative session. NBU is currently involved with multiple bills that need either our support or our opposition. These include hunting bills, trapping bills, water bills, and the misguided attempt to revert NDOW into a division of Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Among others, Larry Johnson is spending quite a bit of time in Carson City and calling for NBU’s influence as needed.I recently attended the fundraising banquet for Elko Bighorns Unlimited, along with two other directors. We also had several of our directors attend the dinner that Fallon-NBU hosts every February. I need to tell you these two organizations not only throw a great party, but are every bit as important to Nevada’s wild sheep efforts as NBU’s Reno contingent (if not more so). Both organizations are located central to some of Nevada’s most valuable sheep herds and habitat. They provide vital support and information to NDOW’s biologists and generally fight the good fight to put sheep on the mountain and keep them there. The same can be said for Mineral County Sportsmen’s Club and others like them around our great state. These folks do a great job of keeping tabs on the sheep in their back yard, as well as water needs, mining, Wilderness laws, etc.
If you haven’t attended one of these groups’ functions, you should put them on your calendar for next year. You won’t regret it.Since my last update to you, Reno also hosted Wild Sheep Foundation’s Wild Sheep Show and Grand Slam Club/Ovis’s annual convention. Both organizations are world class and were gracious enough to allow NBU to hold a membership drive and raffle within their expo. Both groups featured NBU’s conservation efforts during their fundraising dinners, and GSCO presented NBU with a $20,000 donation on their final night in town. We’re thankful that both organizations realize how good Nevada’s volunteers are at putting dollars on the ground, and we’re looking forward to putting GSCO’s donation to good use almost immediately.I hope to see you at an upcoming volunteer project, or for dinner on April 10. Thanks again for your continued support.

Jeff Turnipseed
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited



NBU is accepting applications for the NBU Legacy Scholarship Program thru May 31, 2015.  It is NBU’s goal to leave a legacy of wildlife conservation for future generations and supporting students with academic scholarships plays a key role in meeting this mission.  If you are interesting in applying for this scholarship, please click here to download the application.  Additional information on the NBU Legacy Scholarship Program can be found by clicking here.


Announcing the 2015 Silver State Nelson Desert Bighorn Sheep Tag.  Please click here for information on how to win this hunt and the Sheep Hunters Bonus Package which includes thousands of dollars in hunting gear, taxidermy, and hunting guide services.


The NV Legislature is considering legislation that would place NDOW under the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Please click here for more information regarding this measure provided by the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife.

The Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife has drafted an informative white paper regarding a proposal being considered by the Legislature that would transfer certain public lands to state control. Click here for more information.

Please visit our ‘SHOP NBU’ page to purchase tickets for our April 10, 2015 banquet.


NBU has joined forces with Nevada Association of Counties, becoming a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Interior and the BLM.  The intent of the lawsuit is to force the BLM to follow federal law regarding management of wild and feral horses on public land.  NBU continues to support multiple uses on public lands, including an appropriate, sustainable horse population that is detrimental to neither the range nor the horses themselves.

Sportsmen working for the future of Nevada's wildlife

Nevada Bighorns Unlimited (NBU) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) grass roots sportsmen’s conservation organization with over 3,500 members throughout Nevada, the western United States and North America.   The mission of the organization is to protect and enhance Nevada’s wildlife resources for sportsmen, outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts for this and future generations.  NBU volunteers do this through the reintroduction of big game, habitat conservation and improvement, public education and participation, biological and scientific research, and the influence of public policy.  NBU has raised millions of dollars and logged thousands of volunteer hours in support of Nevada’s wildlife.



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